A Concise Guide to Market Research : The Process, Data, and Methods Using IBM SPSS Statistics

A Concise Guide to Market Research : The Process, Data, and Methods Using IBM SPSS Statistics


This book offers an easily accessible and comprehensive guide to the entire market research process, from asking market research questions to collecting and analyzing data by means of quantitative methods. It is intended for all readers who wish to know more about the market research process, data management, and the most commonly used methods in market research. The book helps readers perform analyses, interpret the results, and make sound statistical decisions using IBM SPSS Statistics. Hypothesis tests, ANOVA, regression analysis, principal component analysis, factor analysis, and cluster analysis, as well as essential descriptive statistics, are covered in detail. Highly engaging and hands-on, the book includes many practical examples, tips, and suggestions that help readers apply and interpret the data analysis methods discussed.

The new edition uses IBM SPSS version 25 and offers the following new features:

A single case and dataset used throughout the book to facilitate learning

New material on survey design and all data analysis methods to reflect the latest advances concerning each topic

Improved use of educational elements, such as learning objectives, keywords, self-assessment tests, case studies, and much more

A glossary that includes definitions of all the keywords and other descriptions of selected topics

Links to additional material and videos via the Springer Multimedia App

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