Business Statistics Using EXCEL and SPSS

Business Statistics Using EXCEL and SPSS


Takes the challenging and makes it understandable. The book contains useful advice on the application of statistics to a variety of contexts and shows how statistics can be used by managers in their work.' - Dr Terri Byers, Assistant Professor, University Of New Brunswick, Canada

A book about introductory quantitative analysis, the authors show both how and why quantitative analysis is useful in the context of business and management studies, encouraging readers to not only memorise the content but to apply learning to typical problems.

Fully up-to-date with comprehensive coverage of IBM SPSS and Microsoft Excel software, the tailored examples illustrate how the programmes can be used, and include step-by-step figures and tables throughout. A range of 'real world' and fictional examples, including "The Ballad of Eddie the Easily Distracted" and "Esha's Story" help bring the study of statistics alive.

A number of in-text boxouts can be found throughout the book aimed at readers at varying levels of study and understanding

Back to Basics for those struggling to understand, explain concepts in the most basic way possible - often relating to interesting or humorous examples
Above and Beyond for those racing ahead and who want to be introduced to more interesting or advanced concepts that are a little bit outside of what they may need to know
Think it over get students to stop, engage and reflect upon the different connections between topics

A range of online resources including a set of data files and templates for the reader following in-text examples, downloadable worksheets and instructor materials, answers to in-text exercises and video content compliment the book.

An ideal resource for undergraduates taking introductory statistics for business, or for anyone daunted by the prospect of tackling quantitative analysis for the first time.

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