[📖PDF] The Science Behind the Fad : Understanding Weight Loss

The Science Behind the Fad : Understanding Weight Loss

This is an evidence based weight loss guide that provides the latest research on nutrition, obesity and exercise, in an easy to read and concise format. The guidelines for weight loss may seem simple but they are effective and the weight loss results will shock you. Get started today!For medical students, medical residents and other allied healthcare workers, this book will give you the knowledge and confidence to help your patients be as healthy as possible. We all know medical school or residency does not provide us with the necessary skills in nutrition, fitness and obesity medicine to help our patients transition to a healthy lifestyle. This is despite us knowing that most chronic medical conditions are related to poor lifestyle choices and the disease of obesity. We are obesity medicine experts and we have spent countless hours going through the research and then summarizing it in a simplified manner. Let us be your up-to-date resource to help guide your patients to a successful, long and healthy life. Discover a whole new breadth of knowledge that you can use to transform your medical practice. Dr. Ananda Chatterjee is a Family Medicine physician and Dr. Vandana Chatterjee is an Internal Medicine physician. Both have completed medical residency training at Michigan State University and have special interest in Obesity Medicine. Dr. Ananda Chatterjee is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association and runs a successful weight loss clinic in Toronto, Canada.

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