Single Note Soloing for Jazz Guitar

Single Note Soloing for Jazz Guitar


Master the art of single-note improvised solos with Martin Taylor MBE In Single Note Soloing for Jazz Guitar Martin Taylor MBE distils more than 40 years of knowledge and wisdom into a comprehensive resource for jazz guitarists. Learn how a virtuoso guitarist thinks and constructs melodic ideas to create rich, engaging solos. This step-by-step method will ensure you make tangible progress on your journey. As a special bonus, see Martin demonstrate the techniques in this book in a series of specially created videos. What You'll Learn: - A time-honoured method for improvisation that puts music before theory - How to take a simple melody and vary it, adding layers of complexity - How to define melodic "hit points" to anchor your solos to the melody - A method to build memorable motifs to engage your audience - How to target specific notes in chords to create different colours and textures - Incorporating chromatics and altered/extended notes into your lines Take your jazz guitar soloing to the next level and play whatever you hear As well as demonstrating dozens of licks for each concept in the book, Martin dedicates a chapter to showing you how a very simple tune can be developed into a full-blown jazz solo using melodic variation, chromatics, hit points and other techniques. We're 100 certain that every reader will have heard this tune at some point. As well as teaching you how to develop the skill of melodic variation, Martin dedicates space in this book to teaching the one skill that sets apart the great jazz guitarists from everyone else: being able to play exactly what you hear in your head.

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