Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Cookbook
William Leemans

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Cookbook

Over 60 recipes to help you build, configure, and orchestrate RHEL 7 Server to make your everyday administration experience seamless

About This Book

* Create fully unattended installations and deploy configurations without breaking a sweat
* Discover and kick-start the newest RHEL 7 configuration and management tools through an easy-to-follow, practical approach for a lazy system management
* Be guided by an experienced RHEL expert who is a certified Linux engineer with a passion for open source and open standards

Who This Book Is For

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Cookbook is for RHEL 7 system administrators and DevOps in need of a practical reference guide to troubleshoot common issues and quickly perform tasks.

What You Will Learn

* Set up and configure RHEL 7 Server
* Use NetworkManager to configure all aspects of your network
* Manage virtual environments using libvirt
* Set up software repositories
* Secure and monitor your RHEL environment
* Configure SELinux, and create and apply its policies
* Create kickstart scripts to automatically deploy RHEL 7 systems
* Use Orchestration and configuration management tools to manage your environment

In Detail

Dominating the server market, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system gives you the support you need to modernize your infrastructure and boost your organization's efficiency. Combining both stability and flexibility, RHEL helps you meet the challenges of today and adapt to the demands of tomorrow.
This practical Cookbook guide will help you get to grips with RHEL 7 Server and automating its installation. Designed to provide targeted assistance through hands-on recipe guidance, it will introduce you to everything you need to know about KVM guests and deploying multiple standardized RHEL systems effortlessly. Get practical reference advice that will make complex networks setups look like child's play, and dive into in-depth coverage of configuring a RHEL system. Also including full recipe coverage of how to set up, configuring, and troubleshoot SELinux, you'll also discover how secure your operating system, as well as how to monitor it.

Style and approach

This practical guide is packed full of hands-on recipes that provide quick solutions to the problems faced when building your RHEL 7 system from scratch using orchestration tools. Each topic is explained sequentially in the process of setting up a system and binding everything together.

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