The Amish Girl : A Novel of Death and Consciousness

The Amish Girl : A Novel of Death and Consciousness
The Amish Girl is the second volume of the Michael Gillespie Mysteries. A young Amish girl disappears, and no one knows what happened or where she is. When all else fails, out of desperation the authorities turn to Michael Gillespie and his remote viewers. The story they tell is one of a girl who has been kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and murdered. Even worse they believe the killer is planning to strike again, and the countdown clock is ticking. In the middle of all this, Gillespie is approached about a national emergency and he and his team are brought into a secret government project to predict the firing date and the location for recovery of a North Korean missile. The Amish Girl takes the reader into a world where nonlocal consciousness is not only recognized but used to solve problems that no other approach has been able to solve. Like all the Michael Gillespie mysteries, The Amish Girl, is based on the real science of remote viewing, describing exactly how it has been used by the CIA, the Army, universities, and laboratories to give the reader a sense of verisimilitude quite different than is usual in novels involving the paranormal. The author is one of the founders of remote viewing, and his novels have a level of insight and reality not seen elsewhere.

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Stephan A Schwartz
Paperback | 246 pages
140 x 216 x 14mm | 318g
Publication date
10 Apr 2019
Greenwood Press