Delete Pain and Stress On the Spot

Delete Pain and Stress On the Spot

If you've ever dreamed of a better life, one that is free of pain, sickness, stress and uncertainty, the authors of Delete Pain and Stress on the Spot show you that you not only "can," but "will" enjoy just such a life and you need do nothing complex or miraculous to attain it. This isn't just another marketing ploy using catchy phrases and promising to change your life. Dr. Yuen and Marnie Greenberg have successfully deleted chronic pain, stress and illness on the spot in live demonstrations, on television and radio shows, at seminars, over the phone and on the internet for hundreds of thousands of people spanning the globe and have effectively taught the Yuen Method to thousands of others. The results speak for themselves. When you follow the step-by-step program in Delete Pain and Stress on the Spot, you'll discover that you can reclaim your health and well-being in a matter of seconds with such ease that the impossible will seem common place. You will learn and experience: - How to delete your pain, stress, illness and life problems on the spot for yourself and others - How to determine which specific underlying weaknesses are the cause of your problem - How to strengthen and delete underlying weaknesses once they are found - How achieving correct insight into the underlying weaknesses resolves your problem immediately

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