Jewish Holidays : A Brief Introduction for Christians
Kerry M. Olitzky, Daniel Judson

Jewish Holidays : A Brief Introduction for Christians

A window into Judaism's sacred days--throughout history and today. Written especially for Christians.

Holy days and holidays provide the peak experiences of Jewish life. These moments speak deeply to the Jewish soul and animate Judaism's culture. They encourage Jews to participate in their shared historical experience, which reflects their covenantal relationship with God, and articulate Jewish values that have allowed for the survival of the Jewish people. But what can they mean to Christians seeking to understand their own faith?

In this special book, Rabbis Olitzky and Judson guide you through the major Jewish holidays and what they mean for the Jewish people. Each chapter explores a different holiday and explains the origin, historical background, customs and rituals that are part of observance and the holiday's Christian parallels. Examining observance in both home and synagogue--and in all Jewish denominations--this easy-to-use guide to the Jewish holidays will be a valuable resource for your own understanding of Jewish sacred time throughout the year. And by linking the Jewish holidays to familiar Christian holidays and practices, you will be better able to appreciate the roots of Christianity and how the fundamentals of Judaism relate to and reflect your own spiritual foundation.

Rosh Hashanah-New YearYom Kippur-Day of AtonementSukkot-Feast of Booths (Fall Harvest Festival)Simchat Torah-Rejoicing in the TorahHanukkah-RededicationPurim-(Festival of Survival)Pesach-PassoverShavuot-(Receiving the Torah)Tisha B'Av (Mourning and Commemoration) and Other Special DaysShabbat (Day of Rest)

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