Love Your Disease : Highway to Health

Love Your Disease : Highway to Health


Love Your Disease Highway to Health is the second book in the Love Your Disease series. The first book is Love Your Disease It's keeping you healthy, and the third book is Love Your Disease Where there's smoke... Highway to Health makes use of what's happening in your life at the moment to address health issues. By noting our thoughts, feelings and actions which are a response to current circumstances, we reveal left over issues from the past which confine our body's immune and endocrine systems, making disease more likely and recovery more difficult. Highway to Health is a gentle exploration of who you are, and how who you are is an integral part of your health and well-being. We are the most significant and the most ignored element of our own health, not doctors or drugs, and how we view ourselves, others and our own lives signposts the areas of our personality which we must address if we're to heal ourselves. The Love Your Disease series of self-caring books is very forgiving. Love Your Disease is of the view that everyone always does the best he possibly can in the circumstances in which he finds himself. It is not possible for a human being to do less than her best. Welcome to the exploration and the re-framing of your life and your health using Highway to Health as a guide.

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