Wisdom From Africa

Wisdom From Africa


This book offers an in-depth analysis and theological reflection on the thirteen books of Augustine's Confessions. It seeks to cover the major points raised by Augustine in his Confessions and discuss them in a way that will give insight and encouragement to the reader. This work does not propose to reflect on every section of every book of the Confessions, but rather to discuss the major points noted in each book. In addition, thoughtful questions are listed at the end of each chapter, to stimulate further discussion and hopefully encourage personal questions as well. Because Augustine's Confessions are an honest assessment of his failures as well as his final victory in Christ, there is something for everyone in the pages of this work. ""A humane, appreciative, and historically contextual exposition of Augustine's Confessions. Organized according to the stages of life, Burris draws out the implications of Augustine's experience for everyday living and pastoral care. This is at one and the same time a strong introduction to Augustine's thought and a manual of practical wisdom."" --Christopher Ocker, San Francisco Theological Seminary; The Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley ""Dr. Ronald Burris has combined his pastoral experience with his historical research to offer an accessible and lively introduction to the Christian spiritual classic, Augustine's Confessions. How did a brilliant, hip, disobedient, and heretical African student end up as a Roman bishop and a saint? Augustine himself told the story of his past as a testimony to divine wisdom and love. Dr. Burris tells the story again to illuminate Augustine's conversion for new generations."" --Rebecca Lyman, Garrett Professor of History emerita, The Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley ""Burris provides a valuable book-by-book guide to Augustine's Confessions. In so doing, he brings to light the inner logic of Augustine's thought, while offering insightful commentary on the text. The first-time reader of the Confessions, the devoted student of Augustine's spirituality, and even those specialists who frequently return to Augustine's classic work will benefit from Wisdom from Africa."" --David E. Wilhite, Associate Professor of Theology, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University Ronald D. Burris is Associate Professor of Church History at the American Baptist Seminary of the West in Berkeley, California. He is the author of Where is the Church? Martyrdom, Persecution, and Baptism in North Africa from the Second to the Fifth Century (2012).

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