Nursing Diagnosis : Application to Clinical Practice
Lynda Juall Carpenito

Nursing Diagnosis : Application to Clinical Practice

Prepare your students to effectively apply nursing diagnosis to clinical practice.

Reflecting the challenges of ongoing rapid change in the nursing profession, this 15th edition of Lynda Carpenito's respected resource offers definitive guidance on nursing diagnosis, its role in the nursing process, and its application to clinical practice. Nursing diagnoses define the science and art of nursing; this vital book gives nurses-in-training the information they need for creative clinical nursing practice from assessment criteria to specific interventions

Highlights of the 15th Edition:

A comprehensive A-to-Z guide to current nursing diagnoses includes the most recent diagnoses approved by NANDA International.
Nursing Interventions Classifications (NIC) and Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NOC) are listed for every NANDA-I diagnosis; NANDA-I diagnoses have been updated.
Author's Notes and Errors in Diagnostic Statements help students understand the concept behind the diagnosis, differentiate one diagnosis from another, and avoid diagnostic errors.
"Carp's Cues" appear throughout and consist of notes from the author to emphasize a certain principle of care, a controversial issue, or an ethical challenge.
Key Concepts and Interventions are grouped by specific population--older adult, child, maternal, and transcultural--to help clarify the differences between the client groups.
Section 3: Manual of Collaborative Problems shows how to integrate nursing care and diagnosis with the efforts of other healthcare professionals for optimum care of the client.
A Nursing Diagnosis Index provides an at-a-glance, alphabetical reference that makes finding diagnoses quick and easy.

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