God Will Receive A Sacrifice Of Holiness

God Will Receive A Sacrifice Of Holiness


God has always had His standard, which is and always will be Holiness. God's standard of Holiness, is taught in His Written Word, for the Church of Jesus Christ, to always live by, as a way of life and all the days of a Christians life. This is Gods will for all of His Children to live before Him, continually, all through life and throughout all generations, until the day of Jesus Christ. When God saves you He instills His Spirit of Holiness, in you and me. Gods Spirit will always lead you, to live Holy before Him and to learn to let go of this world's ways that are sinful. A good minister of the Gospel will be a Vessel that has been taught to live a life of Holiness, before God and man. A good Minister of the Gospel, will preach or teach or both, the message of Holiness, to the Church and unto the sinner alike. A good Minister will teach you about Holiness, as he or she lives this standard of Gods, in their life. For God to always anoint them to walk in, all of Gods divine will for their ministry calling that they are called into. God can then give His Ministers, confidence and assurance by the Holy Spirit, to know where you and I stand, in our Holy Walk with God. Every Child of God can learn to live a Life of Holiness, after being Born Again or Saved by the Spirit of God. Yet God will try to correct you all through life now, to keep you on a good and straight course, in your serving and worshiping Him. A life style of Holiness is to be a way of life for you now, all the days of your life. Holiness is your standard of living now, as a Living Sacrifice that is Holy and Acceptable, unto God and is your reasonable service. Gods Holy Spirit will always deal with your heart, to live right and correct you when you sin. It is up to you to Hear Gods Voice and to obey Him. You must learn to repent when you sin and know not to let your faults and failure, cause you to quit serving God. When God saved you, He entered you into His grace also, so you would always have Him to come to, by asking for forgiveness, this is repenting. The Grace of God that saved you, has made provision also, to keep you in His Grace, all the days of your life, as long as you stop and say no to the devil and his temptations, which could lead you to sin. Gods Spirit is Gentle and Speaks unto us Softly and also uses your minds thoughts, as long as you obey God, you will always stay on course. Gods Spirit will take you through His Spiritual Process, of living a Holy Life before Him, it is up to you to let go of the world, its habits and old friends and anything that the Holy Spirit, asks you to let go of. You are the Keeper of Your Own Soul, by learning to listen to the Holy Spirit and to obey Him and His leadings that He will forever give you, as long as you Hear and Listen unto Him. Just because you got saved, doesn't mean that you will never do wrong things, which is sin. God's Grace through Jesus and His name, when you pray and repent, is always here for you. This is how God keeps us clean from this world and its sinful ways of many. If you sin, just ask Jesus to forgive you and get right back up and start all over, you have been forgiven and you must believe that, once you have asked Jesus for forgiveness of your sins. Never let Satan trick you into giving up because you have sinned. You must always remember that God Loved You So Much That Jesus Died For You and is seated at the right hand of the Father, always ready to make intercession for you, when you sin and repent of your wrongs. This is God's way of giving us, His Loving Grace and Mercy. It is when we ignore the Holy Spirit, as He tries to teach us to say no to sin as the devil tries you that we get into a backslidden condition and a rebellious state of mind. Grieve Not the Holy Spirit The Spirit of God will always be present in your life when you become Born Again. THE VILLAGE CARPENTER PUBLISHING HOUSE, PO Box 133, Lakeview, Ohio 43331 USA or see TheVillageCarpenter

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