Abe's Honest Words: The Life Of Abraham Lincoln

Abe's Honest Words: The Life Of Abraham Lincoln


From the time he was a young boy roaming the forests of the unsettled Midwest, Abraham Lincoln knew in his heart that slavery was deeply wrong. A voracious reader, Lincoln spent every spare moment of his days filling his mind with knowledge, from history to literature to mathematics, preparing himself to one day lead the country he loved toward greater equality and prosperity. Despite the obstacles he faced as a self-educated man from the back woods, Lincoln persevered in his political career, and his compassion and honesty gradually earned him the trust of many Americans. As president, he guided the nation through a long and bitter civil war and penned the document that would lead to the end of slavery in the United States. The passion for humanity that defined Lincoln's life shines through in this momentous follow-up to Martin's Big Words and John's Secret Dreams. Told in Doreen Rappaport's accessible, absorbing prose, and brought to life in powerful illustrations by Kadir Nelson, Abe's Honest Words is an epic portrait of a truly great American president. Praise for the Big Words series: Martin's Big Words
* 2002 Caldecott Honor Book
* 2002 Coretta Scott King Honor Book
* Child Magazine Best Book of 2001
* New York Times Book Review Best Illustrated Children's Book of 2001 * "A stunning, reverent tribute."
-School Library Journal, starred review Abe's Honest Words
* "Exceptional art, along with Rappaport's and Lincoln's words, makes this a fine celebration of a man who needs little introduction."
-Booklist, starred review
Eleanor, Quiet No More
* "Once again Rappaport celebrates a noble, heroic life in powerful, succinct prose, with prominent, well-chosen, and judiciously placed quotes that both instruct and inspire...Celebrate women in history and in politics with this picture-book life."
-School Library Journal, starred review
Helen's Big World
* "Stirring and awe-inspiring."
-The Horn Book, starred review To Dare Mighty Things
* "[T]his lavish picture-book biography deftly captures the legendary man's bold, exuberant nature. . . . A truly inspiring tribute to a seemingly larger-than-life U.S. president."
-Kirkus Reviews, starred review * "Theodore Roosevelt's big ideas and big personality come together in this splendid picture-book biography."
-Booklist, starred review * "Concisely written and yet poetic, this is a first purchase for every library."
-School Library Journal, starred review

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