Building Great Software Engineering Teams : Recruiting, Hiring, and Managing Your Team from Startup to Success

Building Great Software Engineering Teams : Recruiting, Hiring, and Managing Your Team from Startup to Success


WINNER of Computing Reviews 20th Annual Best Review in the category Management

"Tyler's book is concise, reasonable, and full of interesting practices, including some curious ones you might consider adopting yourself if you become a software engineering manager." -Fernando Berzal, CR, 10/23/2015

"Josh Tyler crafts a concise, no-nonsense, intensely focused guide for building the workhouse of Silicon Valley-the high-functioning software team." -Gordon Rios, Summer Book Recommendations from the Smartest People We Know-Summer 2016

Building Great Software Engineering Teams provides engineering leaders, startup founders, and CTOs concrete, industry-proven guidance and techniques for recruiting, hiring, and managing software engineers in a fast-paced, competitive environment.

With so much at stake, the challenge of scaling up a team can be intimidating. Engineering leaders in growing companies of all sizes need to know how to find great candidates, create effective interviewing and hiring processes, bring out the best in people and their work, provide meaningful career development, learn to spot warning signs in their team, and manage their people for long-term success.

Author Josh Tyler has spent nearly a decade building teams in high-growth startups, experimenting with every aspect of the task to see what works best. He draws on this experience to outline specific, detailed solutions augmented by instructive stories from his own experience. In this book you'll learn how to build your team, starting with your first hire and continuing through the stages of development as you manage your team for growth and success. Organized to cover each step of the process in the order you'll likely face them, and highlighted by stories of success and failure, it provides an easy-to-understand recipe for creating your high-powered engineering team.

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