Using Medical Terminology
Judi Lindsley Nath

Using Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology can be like a foreign language, as these terms of not part of everyday vocabulary. The approach used in Using Medical Terminology, 2e is to immerse you in the language, similar to how you'd learn a foreign language. Terms are learned in context, which helps to better understand and remember them. And, information is provided in more manageable units as opposed to longer, harder to digest sections. Combined with a number of critical features that help you practice, Using Medical Terminology is designed to help you read, review, and practice, so you are well prepared to enter the workforce.
* The number of exercises has expanded greatly, providing more opportunity to practice and review.* The design for the second edition has been improved to make the text more appealing and much easier to use.* The overall writing has been made even more student-friendly to help comprehension of medical terms without getting lost in scientific writing. * The art program has been improved so that figure labels are less cluttered and include only those medical terms introduced in the chapter. The number of photographs has also increased significantly.* Two new chapters, Oncology and Gerontology, have been included. In addition, former chapters 5 and 6, Skeletal System and Articulations, have been combined into one cohesive chapter, Skeletal System: Bones and Joints.

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