Seven Disciplines of A Leader

Seven Disciplines of A Leader


Recognize, develop, and embody great leadership
Seven Disciplines of A Leader is a comprehensive manual
for building better leaders. Author and executive coach Jeff Wolf
is a respected authority on leadership, and his strategies and
inspiration have fostered dramatic growth in some of the nation's
top companies. In this book, he shares the secrets of great
leadership to help readers align professional development and
exemplify these traits themselves. Each of the Disciplines is
valuable on its own, but together they add up to more than a sum of
their parts, and work synergistically to propel leaders to higher
and higher effectiveness and companies to better and better
business. From initiative, to planning, to community service,
readers will gain deep insight into what separates the good from
the great, and how organizations can nurture these qualities in
their employees with leadership potential.

A good leader gets results, but a great leader inspires every
single member of the team to reach their utmost potential every
single time. A great leader makes everyone shine, and provides the
vision, the tools, and the support people need to do their very
best work. This book describes how it's done, and how greatness can
be learned.

Discover the traits that make leaders great

Align leadership development training to maximize

Foster the right attitudes and behaviors for better

Build a culture of sustainable success that permeates the

Individual achievement is great, but fostering a culture of
achievement sends business into the future on an upward trajectory.
It's more than just a single inspired employee; it's about
recognizing the signs of potential leadership and nurturing them to
fruition throughout the organization. Seven Disciplines of A
Leader is the field guide to great leadership.

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