EMT Exam For Dummies with Online Practice

EMT Exam For Dummies with Online Practice


Test-taking strategies and steps to succeed as an EMT No two EMT exam experiences are exactly alike, as questions are tailored to the test-taker and range in topics from handling medical emergencies and patient assessment, to medical ethics, ambulance operations, and pediatrics. EMT Exam For Dummies takes the intimidation out of the test, offering everything you need to prepare for and pass the exam. Along with the book, there is also an online companion website that features two additional practice tests, and over 200 flashcards to ensure that you do your best on test day. Career opportunities are abundant for certified EMTs, and this straightforward guide increases your chances of scoring higher on the computer-adaptive and practical portions of the exam so you can get out in the field and dispense lifesaving medical care. In the book, you'll find an overview of the EMT Exam, including test organization and how the exam is scored, content review with practice questions, a sneak peek at the practical exam, and one full-length practice test with detailed answer explanations.
* Includes sample test questions and detailed answers throughout, as well as a sneak peek into the practical test * Gives you two bonus practice exams via the companion online test bank, with tests available in timed and untimed formats, and more than 200 flashcards that cover all the test topics * Offers clear test-taking advice for passing the crucial, practical part of the exam * Covers the psychomotor component of the EMT Exam EMT Exam For Dummies has everything you need to succeed as an EMT and continue your training, and with an easy-to-read style and focus on the most important details, you'll be ready to pass the exam in no time!

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