The Geometry of Wealth : How to shape a life of money and meaning

The Geometry of Wealth : How to shape a life of money and meaning


How does money figure into a happy life?

In The Geometry of Wealth, behavioral finance expert Brian Portnoy delivers an inspired answer, building on the critical distinction between being rich and being wealthy. While one is an unsatisfying treadmill, the other is the ability to underwrite a meaningful life, however one chooses to define that. Truly viewed, wealth is funded contentment.

At the heart of this groundbreaking perspective, Portnoy takes readers on a journey toward wealth, informed by disciplines ranging from ancient history to modern neuroscience. He contends that tackling the big questions about a joyful life and tending to financial decisions are complementary, not separate, tasks.

These big questions include:
- How is the human brain wired for two distinct experiences of happiness? And why can money "buy" one but not the other?
- What are the touchstones of a meaningful life, and are they affordable?
- Why is market savvy among the least important sources of wealth but self-awareness is among the most?
- How does one strike a balance between striving for more while being content with enough?

This journey memorably contours along three basic shapes: A circle, triangle and square help us to visualize how we adapt to evolving circumstances, set clear priorities, and find empowerment in simplicity. In this accessible and entertaining book, Portnoy reveals that true wealth is achievable for many - including those who despair it is out of reach - but only in the context of a life in which purpose and practice are thoughtfully calibrated.

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