The Quiet Mind : Sayings of White Eagle

The Quiet Mind : Sayings of White Eagle


White Eagle's teaching is an inspirational, spiritual message bringing great encouragement and a clearer understanding of human purpose. The understanding and love which the teaching embodies, finds its roots in the Ancient Wisdom and, therefore, contains a distillation of elements from many religions and spiritual teachers, including Christianity, Eastern Religions and Native American wisdom. However, White Eagle's 'voice' is timeless and the depth of awareness and explanation, as well as advice, resonates strongly with the needs and challenges of our modern lives. Therefore, much of the material in the publications is not only philosophical, but provides us with ways of approaching all aspects of life in a practical, as well as spiritual, way. This famous collection of White Eagle sayings has already sold over 400,000 copies. Following the Master within' is the theme for the sayings in this book. This pocket-sized book seems to touch people from all persuasions at the heart level (nearly half a million copies have been sold). The sayings are not intellectual statements so much as themes for further reflection - themes that give deep comfort and encouragement.
White Eagle's gentle words help the reader hear the voice of his or her own heart. Each saying gives guidance on how to bring peace and harmony into our lives. The secret of strength lies in the "Quiet Mind". This much-loved book of spiritual guidance is now available in paperback.

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