Paul's Missionary Methods : In His Time and Ours

Paul's Missionary Methods : In His Time and Ours


What does Paul's missions strategy mean for today?
A century ago Roland Allen published Missionary Methods: Saint Paul's or Ours?, a missiological classic which tackled many important issues, including what biblically rooted missions looks like in light of the apostle Paul's evangelistic efforts. Although Allen's work is still valuable, new understandings have been gained regarding Paul's milieu and missionary activity, and how his practices ought to inform missions in our ever-changing world.
Using the centennial anniversary of Allen's work as a springboard for celebration and reflection, the contributors to Paul's Missionary Methods have revisited Paul's first-century missionary methods and their applicability today. This book examines Paul's missionary efforts in two parts. First Paul is examined in his first-century context: what was his environment, missions strategy and teaching on particular issues? The second part addresses the implications of Paul's example for missions today: is Paul's model still relevant, and if so, what would it look like in modern contexts?
Experts in New Testament studies and missiology contribute fresh, key insights from their fields, analyzing Paul's missionary methods in his time and pointing the way forward in ours.
Contributors include Michael F. Bird, Eckhard J. Schnabel, Benjamin L. Merkle, Christoph W. Stenschke, Don N. Howell Jr., Craig Keener, David J. Hesselgrave, Michael Pocock, Ed Stetzer, M. David Sills, Chuck Lawless, J. D. Payne.

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