Management of the Mechanically Ventilated Patient
Lynelle N. B. Pierce

Management of the Mechanically Ventilated Patient

The second edition of Mechanical Ventilation and Intensive Respiratory Care functions as both an educational manual and a clinical reference for those involved in monitoring, managing, and delivering care to patients requiring respiratory intervention or mechanical ventilatory support. The book explains everything the nurse or other health care professional needs for safe and effective clinical practice in a complete, easy to understand guide.

Contains cutting-edge coverage of respiratory care to keep nurses and other health care professionals up to date
Includes valuable information on airways, oxygen delivery devices; lung expansion, bronchial hygiene and aerosol therapies
Rich in illustrations, boxes and tables to support understanding of information
Fundamental and advanced, but practical, information about mechanical ventilation from patient selection and application, to monitoring, troubleshooting, and weaning including basic and complex modes
Specialized techniques such as independent lung ventilation and high frequency oscillatory ventilation
Comprehensive appendices provide practical and current information including the latest on drugs

Covers the newest airways on the market such as tubes that provide for suctioning of secretions above the cuff, thereby potentially reducing the incidence of nosocomial pneumonia
Contains current research on the use of positioning to enhance lung volume, oxygenation, and secretion clearance
Revised headings and subheadings to ensure the reader can readily locate topics of interest
Content markedly expanded on noninvasive ventilation or ventilation without an endotracheal tube, lung recruitment maneuvers, lung protective ventilatory strategies, and prevention of complications of mechanical ventilation such as pneumonia and ventilator induced lung injury
Expanded mechanical ventilation content to include advanced modes, dual control modes and the latest research findings on uses and application of PEEP
New chapter on ventilator graphics and waveform analysis opens up a new area of monitoring for practitioners
Substantial revision of content on weaning from mechanical ventilation includes comprehensive weaning assessment tools and multidisciplinary protocols
All figures are updated to ensure current products and manufacturers
Appendix on Ventilator Withdrawal at End-of-Life including ethical issues and procedural steps
Specialized techniques such as heliox, inhaled nitric oxide, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation including rationale for therapy and information for establishing standards of care

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