Mosby's Drug Reference for Health Professions

Mosby's Drug Reference for Health Professions

The best drug resource for health professionals and health professions students on the market is back! Mosby's Drug Reference for Health Professions, 6th Edition makes it easy to look up the drugs that patients and clients are taking and understand how those drugs may affect treatment. This new edition has been expertly edited to determine which drugs should be retained, excluded and added, allowing for quick access to over 700 concise drug monographs. The newly revised Precautions and Considerations sections contain key information such as storage and administration written specifically for general health professions markets. Packed with practical resources for everyday use, no student or practitioner should be without this portable drug guide!

Abbreviated drug monographs organized alphabetically by generic name save you time finding need-to-know details for day-to-day practice.
Precautions and Considerations sections include key information written specifically for health professions students and practitioners.
Drug storage information identifies those drugs in which extra care is needed to maintain potency.
Lifespan content provides the answers needed when working with elderly, pediatric, and adult populations.
Alphabetical organization of drugs by generic name - and a two-color design - save time in finding need-to-know details for day-to-day practice.
Icons call attention to special drug information including high alert warnings and IV compatibilities/incompatibilities.
Useful appendices make it easy to look up topics including normal laboratory values.

NEW! Updated drug list adds newly approved drugs and deletes drugs that have been recalled or discontinued to ensure that drug information is clinically accurate, relevant, and current.
NEW! Over 700 drug monographs ensure you have the most current and inclusive drug information.
NEW! Updated and streamlined outline focuses on the most useful information.

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