The Paper Architect : Fold-It-Yourself Buildings and Structures

The Paper Architect : Fold-It-Yourself Buildings and Structures


The Taj Mahal may have taken 22 years to build, but you can do it in less than a day! Using crisp folds and a craft knife, you can easily recreate the world's greatest architectural structures from ordinary sheets of paper. Whether you're building the White House after dinner or crafting an origami version of the Eiffel Tower in an afternoon-and then folding it up to send to a friend in Paris-"The Paper Architect" guides you through every step of the process.
The directions for building these replicas are clear and easy to follow. In fact, the book contains an entire section of removable templates with color-coded fold lines that make construction simple enough for a first-time folder. All that's needed is a craft knife, a metal-edged ruler, a cutting mat, and a clear work surface. For those looking for more of a challenge, the patterns can be enlarged or traced onto special paper for endless variations.
Each project also includes a wealth of information, from the history of the buildings and technical drawings to the raw materials used during construction. With quick facts that supplement the text, step-by-step illustrations, and clear instructions, all of these display-worthy projects can be mastered with no previous paper craft or architectural experience!

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