Yoga for Golfers

Yoga for Golfers

Stretch your way to a better game with the revolutionary fitness program that's taking the PGA by storm. As an avid golfer and certified yoga instructor, Katherine Roberts combined her passions to create the incredibly successful "Yoga for Golfers" program - a unique and integrated educational system providing instruction on how to improve flexibility, range of motion, and concentration on the course. It's the fastest growing fitness program used by amateur and professional golfers worldwide. Now, in this groundbreaking book, Roberts makes her unique methods available to you. Based on twenty years of expertise and guaranteed to work for golfers of all ages, handicaps, and fitness levels, "Yoga for Golfers" connects the mind and body to create a powerful training regimen geared to produce immediate results, including greater flexibility and strength for distance and accuracy off the tee, enhanced breathing awareness for better swing tempo, and improved overall fitness.Inside you'll find: Yoga postures specifically selected for a golfer's needs; proper breathing techniques; mind-relaxation methods; injury-reducing stretches; visualization tools - for success on and off the course; step-by-step yoga sequences for every body part, from shoulders to hamstrings; simple methods for charting your progress; plus, an exhaustive list of golf and yoga resources to help you continue your training Katherine Roberts has twenty years of experience in fitness training, yoga studies, and motivation.
Her highly successful "Yoga for Golfers" program has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including "Sports Illustrated", "Golf", "Golf Digest", and "Self". She has appeared on ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC, and CBS and is the host of her own weekly show, "Yoga for Golfers," on the Golf Channel. She lives in Cave Creek, Arizona.

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